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Located in Berwyn, IL we have approximately 250 members.  Services are conducted in Ukrainian and Russian languages with available English translation via wireless headphones.  Rev. Aleksandr Kalinin is the pastor of this church since December of 1992.  Sunday services include sermons, main and men's choirs, solo performances, group singing and poems.  At times we will hear performances by Brass, String, and Contemporary bands.  Our main purpose of gathering is to preach the gospel of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.  All are welcome to come celebrate the Greatness of our God.



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Our Ministry


We invite everyone to attend any of our services.  We have 2 active choirs that take part in both Sunday services.  You can hear our main choir, mixed with male and female vocals, every Sunday morning service.  Our men choir, you can hear every Sunday evening service.  From time to time, you can hear one of our bands perform at either morning or evening service.

Запрошуємо всіх бажаючих взяти участь в будь-яких з наших служiнь.  У нас є 2 активних хори, які беруть участь в обох служiннях в неділю. Ви можете почути наш основний хор щонеділі на ранковому зiбраннi, а чоловічий хор приймає участь щонеділі на вечiрньому зiбраннi. Час від часу, ви можете почути, як один з наших оркестрiв виступає на будь-якому ранковому або вечiрньому богослужіннi.

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6751 Riverside Drive | Berwyn, Illinois 60402

info@ubcchicago.org | Tel: 708.788.0999


Wednesday  07:00PM Prayer Service

Sunday  10:30AM Morning Service

Sunday  06:00PM Evening Service

Sunday School - Sunday  09:30AM

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